EWI Company History

I started my first Construction Company Wayne Brothers Inc. in 1985.  My business plan was to provide turn key concrete construction packages for General Contractors in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. The company grew very fast in the first five years and by 2003 had 280 employees, 26 crews, and 4 divisions.  In 2003 I sold my share of Wayne Brothers and created my new company Eric Wayne Inc. (EWI Construction).

My plan is to grow EWI Construction using my 30 years of Construction experience in the turn key concrete construction.  During that 30 years we have built water treatment plants, waste treatment plants, industrial plants, distribution facilities, baseball stadium, warehouses, tilt wall construction, radiation vaults, hospitals, and many more projects.  Our company goal is to furnish high quality concrete services for each project we complete while remaining schedule driven and cost effective.  We will continue building high quality concrete walls, foundations, and floor slabs that will provide our customers with many years of trouble free service.

Eric Wayne
EWI Construction